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Lawn Technician



AFFC Lawncare is looking for individuals who can with little or no supervision perform weed eating, edging and operating a blower on residential and commercial properties as well as various landscaping projects. The work to be performed would be weed eating and edging where appropriate and blowing all hard tops, porches, and patios.




$10.00/hour starting salary and up commensurate with experience and output after 120 day probationary period.



Qualifications (Please do NOT apply if you do not have these qualifications):


1. Must be clean cut, and satisfactorily representative of the AFFC Lawncare Image. A set of company t-shirts will be issued.


2. Must have a sense of completion on the tasks at hand delivering to the customer a well done, professional lawn service.


3. Must have adequate prior experience in lawn detailing (particularly edging with a weed eater at a 90 degree angle upside down).


4. Must be capable of quickly and effectively communicating by text message and email via smartphone (you must have your own smartphone).


5. We have a strong anti-drug policy – no illegal drug use or lack of sobriety will be tolerated.


6. Must display a quality work ethic and Motivation, ability to get along well with others and enhance the work environment.




We are looking for candidates who would commit to part-time employment with AFFC Lawncare, growing with us and helping us build and retain our customer base. The work is seasonal , peaking in the summer months, and winding down through fall (with fall cleanup jobs). January and February and portions of March are very slow months. A successful applicant would work approximately 2-3 days a week for 10 hours per day. The work is often hot in the summer and cold in the winter and dusty at times but the benefit of working outdoors at a moderate pace and enjoying the pride of a job well done far outweigh the challenges. We maintain a friendly and welcoming work environment with a camaraderie that most have found to be fulfilling and long lasting.



Hours of Service:

We are looking for staff who would keep the following hours open to work for this company: between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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